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Kate Kátima Henke

Early February 2022 I started working in oil with cold wax medium. Although it's been nearly 30 years since I worked in acrylic, I've picked it up these mediums with little effort. The latent artist in me finally has the space to express herself! 

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My Story

Raised on the Mississippi River, Dubuque, Iowa, was surrounded by rich farmland of corn and alfalfa fields. Built on seven bluffs, steep streets dotted with marvelous Victorian architecture  — the remains of the high rolling paddleboat era. It's unique character and rich history drew artists and as a result our public high school enjoyed a diverse art department replete with printmaking, pottery, photography and sculpture studios. This was my introduction to the art world where I explored the fullness it offered. Eventually I ended up winning an art competition, a four year tuition art scholarship, at the University of Northern Iowa in 1970.  

What happened next turned me to understand that my life is my art, my art became the way I lived my life. I leave that story for the book in its first draft which will fill out the colorful details.

I spent over twenty years as a graphic design professional, ran my own business, taught graphic design in San Francisco and worked for prestigious corporations. The principles of good design were imbedded in my subconscious and have been the foundation of my visual art process. 

My recent move from Berkeley to Taos is a dream come true. Having a dedicated studio allows me to further my artistic development. Taos Mountains have been beckoning me home to unravel the primordial thread, ever since living in Santa Fe in the mid-1970s. It's a fertile time for my sacred creative journey to unfold wherever it leads!

Although I studied with NYC photographer Harold Feinstein, San Francisco painter Michele Cassou, collage artist Edith Wallace, and others, I also frequented figure drawing groups, tapped into Bay Area museums and took a variety of online courses including recent classes with Rebecca Crowell and Louise Fletcher. I adhere to "what does that have to do with Cezanne?" stance in that some are self-taught artists who intuitively carving out their own method of development, finding their own unique path. 


Overall, I lean toward the 'process oriented' approach of painting, where I listen to what the medium wants to bring forth. Primarily self-taught, I'm currently at an early stage of play and exploration. My next step is to diving deep into discovery and exploration, disciplining myself to narrow the field and hone my goddess-given talent/skill to allow a voice and language emerge.


Stay tuned and watch it unfold — I'm only getting started.

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