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Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Best intentions sometimes get sidelined! I had wanted to post a new blog monthly to keep up to date but now I need to keep this short because I need to make more art! That's not a bad thing but life has pulled me in different directions of late.

First need to report that I will not be at the Lavender Festival in Albuquerque this month ... for several reasons, but the biggest is that I did not like how they cut it to one day without reducing the fee. Maybe next year. Will attend to see if it's a viable venue for my art.

Did a test-run selling at the Railyard in Santa Fe to see if it's a good place for me. It is more exposure of higher end art buyers, but will not have the bandwidth to do that market until after art fair season.

I did get into the Open Wall at the Harwood Museum, which is a gas! I was third in line so was able to position my painting "Cornfield" front and center! The show will be up through the end of this month... don't miss it! Wonderful to see what kind of art many locals are making... I was particularly impress by the fact that the natural flow of curation went so well as everyone had the artistic sense of where their work will show the best!

One of the highlights of this month was meeting renowned NYC abstract painter Brian Rutenburg at the LewAllen Gallery in Santa Fe. I had it marked in my calendar for months looking forward to it, but had imagined it in July. When I happened to check I was shocked to see that it was the next day! OMG I could have missed it! I didn't even get a chance to get excited or anxious about the thing.

I include this excerpt from what I wrote in Your Art Tribe group on Facebook:

"FULL DISCLOSURE: When chatting with Brian Rutenburg last night I sincerely thanked him for his videos and his books as they’ve been invaluable. (I’ve read “Clear Seeing Place” and watched countless videos). "He then said something I was ill-prepared for but should have known was coming, 'Tell me about your art.' The confident artist disappeared and the inner critic stepped forward… I think you know what I mean, but when facing a master such as Brian it’s difficult not to compare & despair! "Today this question is what I’ve been chewing on. I know he asked this out of a caring, the role of a good mentor, meant to push me forward, have me talk about my art is an important skill, causes one to take a stand! These are the things I most struggling with because I’m admittedly all over the map with my art. Expectations of myself/my art are possibly too high as I’ve only been a full time artist for a little over a year now! When I finally said 'I’m playing and experimenting' he agreed with this statement … 'yes, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?' he kindly replied. I would expect nothing less from Mr. Rutenburg!”

I then commented on my own post: “I come from a background of mysticism and truly my intent was to shake his hand, not only to make eye contact but for the transference of energy from hand to hand. Like touching the hem of the Master to get a blessing! I got even more from that koan … really, what can one say about one’s art on any level that would contain it? The complete surprise is this photo! The thing I love most is his expression, it’s so friendly! Almost like he’s a young boy standing next to his best friend! So sweet and disarming!” What really makes Brian so amazing is he's just a regular guy, humble and unpretentious!

Pease look for the next blog post which will include some of what I am working on and are sneak previews for what will be showing in the next art fairs!

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