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Come See My Latest Work September 23-24 in Santa Fe Cathedral Park

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Spoiler Alert: No matter how an artist plans to follow a self-prescribed course in terms of the style or method we almost always get pulled in a direction unplanned. Art, like life, has its own force and direction, any given painting also has a life of its own. Make enough art you inevitably begin to see a unique style emerge.

My intention was to make a series of landscape painting. Stick to that theme and make them expressive works, painterly, fun and alive. What happened was unexpected. Yes they are all landscapes but some are downright photo realist while others are nearly cartoonish. It's like I asked the painting what it wanted or needed and it would just take me there.

This is a different direction than my initial foray into "intuitive process painting." I found myself going down a more realist route. Granted some of it was to test my boundaries, skills/abilities and limitations. This became playful in a different way. All in the interest of finding what is possible, what I enjoy making and explore my natural ability in painting. There is really no wrong way to do this.

If I intend to enter into the world of selling art in galleries I will have a completely different approach as there is required honing a defined and consistent style. Until I find it impossible to manage art fairs I can play in whatever direction I wish and there is only fun to be had.

In exactly 2 weeks I will be showing my work at the Northern New Mexico Fine Arts and Crafts Guild Fair in Santa Fe. If you have not yet been, this is an annual event in a lovely park tree-lined park where 36 hand-selected artists will sell their work from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm both days. Cathedral Park is located just a few block from the Plaza in Santa Fe.

Our artist guild is the only organization allowed by the city of Santa Fe to hold such an art fair in this prestigious location, so it's quite a special event.

Last year I sold my work in 3 such events, this year I can only manage to sell at this single event.

Below, I have included some photos from last year's fair showing my tent with very happy customers holding their purchases!

To get a preview of my latest work on sale at this upcoming fair, check out my earlier blog entry by clicking this button.


These two happy customers bought "Windows Through Time." Besides loving the painting, they were convinced to buy knowing the image would to be used on a jazz album cover soon to be released by Mariah Parker!


New Items to be Found at My Booth

Besides the greeting cards in my store on this site there will be many more cards of my new work, some matted reproductions, some in frames.

This first photo is from the Los Alamos fair in August where greeting cards were a HIT! ... notice my new greeting card rack!

You will find select recent paintings reproduced as greeting cards with envelopes.

Reproductions of paintings and prints, matted and in protective sleeves. 8"x10" and 8"x8"

Limited art, matted and framed behind glass, ready to hang on the wall!


In addition, at every art fair, I offer a FREE ART GIVEAWAY with an option to share or not, your email address for my mailing list. This time it will be this 6x6 oil and cold wax medium painting called Reflection.

Keep in mind, any unsold art works from the fair will be posted in my store by end of October.

Hope to see you in Cathedral Park!


Look for my new banner!


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