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Countdown to the Fair THIS WEEKEND!

This will be quick. I have endless projects to complete before Saturday.

Excited to announce that one of my paintings sold at the Taos Fall Arts Festival the other day! But first must mention the fabulous poster by Leigh Gusterson created for the event! We can only aspire to her brilliance, unique style and ability in capturing Taos!

The event was well attended and was obvious how many truly talented artist Taos has in the vicinity! When I moved here I was not certain I even knew why. Surely the mountains called, but also apparently the artist community called and I'm humbled to be a part of such a great mix of artists!

It was this 12x12 acrylic painting titled "Dream Portal" that sold the other day. The image was inspired by a local Taos historic building... couldn't help but make the doorway like the sky, as I seem to be developing a theme of portals in many paintings! Who doesn't love the ladder to the sky image? So no one was surprised to see that someone snapped it up!

Happy I was able to support the organization with the commission fee... It's really a wonderful event.

Now I focus fully on making art for the upcoming fair in Santa Fe. The Northern New Mexico Fine Arts and Crafts Guild puts on a great show in a beautiful location. This year they have added profile pages to their website. You can view mine with a short bio... click right HERE.

So blessed to have been gifted this fabulous card stand from my friend JoAnn! The one I purchased is for a table and holds half as many cards. So I've been super busy making attractive and affordable art as we all suffer from the increased cost of living at every turn. Besides more that 48 cards in this stand I have reproduced art some of my most popular and admired pieces in beveled mats protected in clear sleeves, all ready to frame. They come in 5x7, 8x8 and 8x10.

Included for the first time will be some original monotype prints for sale, matted and framed.

There's always a desire to make more but having to deal with my ill cat has been a challenge and has been pulled away from the studio.

Once we get beyond the fair I will post many of these cards as well as some of these larger reproduced images for sale in my store.

I also hope to distribute some cards in local shops, so if you have any ideas, leads or thoughts about who might like them I appreciate your input.

I hope you are able to stop by my booth in Santa Fe. If you want to see other works that will be up for sale please go to this blog entry.

I'm so excited to see the response to my work! That's a reason I make my art, yes it's certainly for my own expression and experimentation, but ultimately it's intended for others to enjoy!

If you make it to Santa Fe, look for my larger than life banner! Here I'm trying it out on my little porch! Can't miss it! 🤭

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