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On Making Art

I wrote this in my art journal on my birthday 2022 and wanted to share it with you.

I have begun to pay attention to how I feel when making art. There are glimpses of being lost in the act, in the flow, there are moments of being at one with the activity, where there is no stress or consciousness of self. There's a pure form of JOY Louise Fletcher talks about. I have little inklings of paying attention to tools and materials but it becomes more automatic.

My choice of colors and mixing paint as well as form and composition begin to come from a subconscious wellspring. The direct connection between inner artist and outer materials becomes like channeling, there is an opening between portals.

This I have known about, have sensed before in these quiet moments when brush meets paper, there is an opening, a direction, a movement of chi or life force. I must simply get out of the way to allow it to flow.

This is where art making becomes meditation, prayer, when the other world opens up to reveal the art that is waiting to come forward, an inner intelligence can find a voice in the paint or tools moving across the substrate. Sacredness emerges in the atmosphere where the depth of one's being is called forth and the power of one's consciousness is asked to present itself for all to see.

This is where we can become overwhelmed and the self becomes conscious, we pull back because of the sheer power of the experience. The surprising sacred grandeur is revealed in the act of making art it become a "God Act"... and we've been taught we cannot go there in our mortal form, we cannot reach to that level, our mere ordinary humanness is not allowed unless we are the true artists, iconic artists, only those qualified to go there... only after many long years of training.

Yet this act is available to everyone. In fact now more than ever more people are being drawn to pick up a paint brush to see where this creative force might lead them. To engage in this energy can be pure magic as it can give way to that portal, we can step inside the sacred, it can come through our hands so our unique voice can be heard in visual form by self and others. Nothing, to me, is more satisfying than being this artistic instrument, like a hollow reed, the flute singing on the wind, the holy breath can enter the ears of the listener.

Sacred or holy need not mean special or rare, as it is quite ordinary. It's a part of being the mystical creatures we are, available to each of us to explore, use and understand. Isn't the act of creating a natural act? Do we not come from this divinity? All of us who contain this life? Isn't it our purpose to find our own unique expression that we carry inside? I believe so, it in fact may be nothing more important than to unearth this divinity within!

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