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Railyard Market This Sunday

I have to be honest, September was a rough month for me. Lost my beloved cat Tulsi and had to go through her illness while preparing for and selling at the Cathedral Park Art Fair. (Will share more on that fair later).

Now turning my attention to the future with a fun new kitten Freya and planning a new year of art making and potential events soon to be posted.

This Sunday, October 29, will the second time I display my wares at RAM, I'm excited to see how it goes. This photo is of my setup last June. Although my sales were enough to cover the table fee I ended up selling Sky Sanctuary as a result of someone's who saw it at that show.

Selling at the Santa Fe Railyard Art Market (RAM) is always guess. Even though I sign up for certain dates it's never solid until the last minute. I'm testing it out as a viable venue to showcase my art while they're testing me out to see if I'm a viable vendor. RAM dates will be posted on the EVENTS page so everyone can reference them there.

Will have many more paintings and cards on Sunday. I have updated my SHOP page, you will see many of the paintings will be on display at the RAM. In a week or so I will also post many more greeting cards in the website shop, as well as packets of cards which can make great gifts.

Thank you all for your continued interest and support. More paintings, prints and cards


Railyard hours are 9am to 3 pm, in conjunction with the Santa Fe Farmers Market.

Hope to see you there!

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